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Inside Hotlanta and the SIAC

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East-West format long overdue for SIAC

SIAC Commissioner Greg Moore’s announcement at the annual SIAC football media luncheon July 28 about changing the conference configuration to an east-west alignment is a move long overdue.

During the SIAC’s basketball tournament, I discussed the idea with the commish as we talked about the changes he envisions for the conference. Moore even hinted then in February that the SIAC would be moving its offices back to downtown Atlanta before the end of 2010 (in fact, their new digs at 225 Peachtree Street are at the same address the late Wallace Jackson moved the conference offices to when he got them out the basement of Morehouse College’s Archer Hall ).

Moore also initially backed off rumors that the Pioneer Bowl would relocate the 2010 game to ColumbusGeorgia. But that’s precisely where it is headed and I applauded the decision. For a heap of years, the Georgia town has supported to the rafters two SIAC contests, the Classic Game between Tuskegee and Morehouse and the season ending Fountain City Classic between AlbanyState and FortValley .”This game hasn’t seen its true potential,” said Moore. “ We can get there in Columbus.”

The East-West alignment will also allow the SIAC to schedule a conference championship and Moore says that will happen during the 2011 season. The only logical place to stage a game of that caliber would be Hotlanta.. Imagine the excitement to be generated throughout the conference with all 10 football playing conference schools having three things to shoot for during the season-the Pioneer Bowl, conference championship and the opportunity to represent the SIAC in the Division II playoffs. To be honest I was a little dubious about Moore’s success as a commissioner. I can see now that at least for once, the SIAC Council of Presidents made an excellent choice. So far, his moves have been right on the money…


Again this space prevails on Commissioner Moore and the SIAC council of presidents to name the Pioneer championship trophy for the conference’s first full-time chief Wallace Jackson. The native Atlantan and one time SID for AlbanyState and Alabama A&M worked overtime to establish the Pioneer (I know. I was threw with him when he did it). I maintain that naming the trophy for him would be the least they could do to honor his memory


Some INSIDE poop. CAU sports information director Danielle Wright is now the school's former SID. She left Hotlanta to take a job as sports information director at KentuckyStateUniversity. She replaces longtime veteran SID veteran Ron Braden who had hinted to INSIDE last  year that 2009 would be his last for the Breds.  Braden remains as golf coach and instructor at the Frankfort campus.


The planned tribute for CAU longtime head coach Leonidas Epps is shaping up to be a bigger wing-ding than that CAU boosters could  have possibly envisioned. Since the announcement was made primarily in this space, phone calls and e-mails have flooded organizers. For the benefit of those of you who might have missed my last column, the tribute for football coaching's last iron man  will dominate the 20th annual  boosters homecoming  breakfast October 2 at CAU’s CorneliusHendersonStudentCenter….


I know many of you have waited with baited breath on my predicted order of finish in the conference. First, let’s take a look at the order of finish predicted by the SIAC coaches:

Predicted Order of Finish
* As selected by the SIAC Football Coaches Association
1. Tuskegee
2. Albany State
3. Fort Valley State
4. Benedict
5. Morehouse
6. Kentucky State
7. Clark Atlanta
8. Miles
9. Stillman
10. Lane

Now , INSIDE’s predicted order of finish:

3-Albany State
4-Fort Valley
6-Kentucky State


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